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Milan Fixed Curved Screens


Milan Curved Permanent Fixed-Frame is designed for the most precision and enthusiast oriented applications. It features an advanced aluminium structure with the goal of creating an image made to fit the natural curve of the human eye. The design is created to eliminate problems caused by different distances between the projector and the screen. This screen brings high definition viewing to another level.

Based on the Eyes Curvature
Normal projection screens operate on a flat surface although the human eye bears on oval shape as well as differences in focal length. The light and image reflected by different areas of the screen arrives of our eyes unevenly and creates an image that sometimes is not a perfect match. With the Curved Permanent Fixed-Frame, the based conforms more accurately to our natural viewing focal length and thus creates an image for the viewer that is a near accurate match to the image.

Based on the projector’s sphere

The lens of a projector is designed to be spherical in shape. The larger the projector screen, the larger the spherical distortion will be. By changing the screen’s horizontal arc, the distance between each point on the Curved Permanent Fixed-Frame in relation to the projector is near equivalent. The blurred distortion that sometimes occurs at the wider edges of the image can be eliminated, making the large image uniform and perfectly focused.

Available in OPTIC Material