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Milan Interactive Whiteboard


Milan Interactive Whiteboard (MIWB) is large functioning non reflective surface with
digital optic technology and multi touch option.

A device driver is installed on the attached computer so that the Interactive Whiteboard can act as a Human Input Device (HID). The computer’s video output is connected to a Projector so that images can be projected on the Interactive Whiteboard surface.

The user can conduct a presentation or a class almost exclusively from the whiteboard with the help of Battery less stylus or with fingers.

MIWB comes with the software that provides tools and features specifically designed to maximize interaction opportunities. These generally include the ability to create virtual versions of paper flipcharts, pen and highlighter options, and possibly even virtual rulers, protractors, and compasses i.e. instruments that would be used in traditional classroom teaching.

Uses for interactive whiteboards may include:

Running Software that is loaded onto the connected PC or user may add other software used in the classroom or conference room.

The same Board can be used as a normal White Board with the help of any good quality White Board Marker Pen.

One can capture and save notes written on a whiteboard to the connected PC.

Beside Educational Institutions, MIWB can also be used in Corporate Offices.