Milan Tab-Tension Motorized Screen


The tab-tensioned motorized screen premier is housed in a white steel case and utilizes a quite tubular motor-in-roller design. Tab-tensioned screen for wall/ceiling installation, with streamlined extruded aluminum case. No Exposed fasteners or mounting fixtures. Tensioned system provides an extra flat surface for optimum image quality. Handsome white case provides a clean look and allows easy installation of ceiling tiles. With a unique knob/auto tension adjustment system, the screen surface is well tensioned at every point to ensure a picture perfect experience. The tool-free system ensures that wrinkles and “V” waves are eliminated. This screen features the High Gain Acoustic Transparent fabric which is specially designed to bring out the best from the projector and enhance picture quality and color. With its ability to maximize and reflect high resolution images, this fabrics brings out the best in high definition feeds.