Explore Our Range of Projector Screens

Zero Edge Screen Immerse in the Edgeless Experience

Our Zero Edge Screen is designed to deliver a truly immersive viewing experience. With virtually no bezel, this screen offers a seamless and edgeless display, ensuring that your visuals take center stage, whether for residential or commercial use.

Motorized Screen Effortless Elegance

Our Motorized Screen is all about convenience and elegance. With motorized retractability, it offers effortless setup and takedown, making it a great choice for spaces where versatility is key.

Art Screen Fusion of Art and Technology

Elevate your interior design with our Art Screen. When not in use, it seamlessly blends into your decor, resembling a piece of art. But when it’s time for entertainment or presentations, it transforms into a high-quality projection surface, offering both style and functionality.

Fixed Frame Screen Versatility Meets Precision

The Fixed Frame Screen offers versatility and precision. Its unique design allows for easy installation and customization. Whether you need a fixed frame for a home theater or a retractable option for a conference room, this screen adapts to your needs.

Dual Masking Screen Versatile Aspect Ratios, One Screen

Our Dual Masking Screen is engineered to accommodate various aspect ratios with ease. Whether you’re switching between widescreen and standard formats, this screen ensures that your visuals are displayed perfectly, making it ideal for home theaters and multimedia rooms.

Single Masking Screen Uncompromised Image Quality

The Single Masking Screen prioritizes image quality. With a single, fixed aspect ratio, it eliminates distractions, ensuring that your visuals are presented with exceptional clarity and precision. Perfect for environments where image quality is paramount.

Motorized Tab Tension Screen Precision at Your Fingertips

The Motorized Tab Tension Screen combines convenience with quality. Its motorized mechanism ensures a perfectly flat and tensioned surface every time. Operate it with ease using remote control, adding elegance to your presentations or entertainment.

Insta Lock Screen Security and Stability Combined

The Insta Lock Screen prioritizes security and stability. Its unique locking mechanism ensures that the screen remains securely in place during use. This added stability is ideal for high-traffic environments like auditoriums and theaters.